Most Expensive Home in Las Vegas

This $32.5 million mansion was built by Elegant Homes. Since the construction was complete in 2018 we have cleaned all the glass quarterly. This home has more glass than any other home in Nevada, the crew calls this Iron Mans house! It takes an experienced team of 7 window cleaners 2 days to keep … [Read more...]

Benefits of Window Tint for your Home

Benefits of Window Tint for your Home Every home has a few rooms that get uncomfortably hot in the summer. Even with the AC working at full blast it might not be enough to keep the desert heat under control. Beyond heat rejection window film we also are experts in Security Window Film. Below is some … [Read more...]

Video of Window Cleaning in Action

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Custom Home Window Cleaning

Custom Home Window Cleaning Today we took care of an incredible home in Seven Hills Henderson that belonged to Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson! The owner knew it would take special window cleaning techniques and equipment to clean areas of this home. The custom windows on the home were over 10 foot … [Read more...]

Large Commercial Window Cleaning

Large Commercial Window Cleaning There are new commercial complex's being built all over the valley. We are certified with a variety of lifts to clean windows at large commercial buildings. Safety for the crew and property is a constant focus when window cleaning at commercial … [Read more...]