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Benefits of Window Tint for your Home

Benefits of Window Tint for your Home Every home has a few rooms that get uncomfortably hot in the summer. Even with the AC working at full blast it might not be enough to keep the desert heat under control. Beyond heat rejection window film we also are experts in Security Window Film. Below is some general information regarding these products and how you may benefit from window film. Heat …Read More

Best Water Saving Tip

The largest use of water in Las Vegas homes is on their front yard. Only water your front and back yard at night ONLY. This is used in commercial agriculture and throughout Summerlin. When you water the yard at night the water goes deeper into the soil and giving more moisture to the root system. Not only will you be saving water, your plants will grow better. This is the …Read More

How To Clean Solar Panels

In this article we will review the best method for How To Clean Solar Panels. Mother Nature does an excellent job of maintaining your Solar System. Strong rain will wash away dust, unfortunately we do not get much rain through the year. Hard water spots will also build up after a thunder storm. A dirty solar system is not making its full potential of electricity. The PV Panels absorb sunlight, …Read More

Dirty Solar Panels

Lets review¬†dirty Solar Panels. The questions is common.. Does my Solar System need to be cleaned? Without a doubt the answer is yes! We are the go to cleaning company for Dusty Solar Panels. Keeping your Solar System clean is important for 2 reasons. The first is production, when there is a layer of dust atop of the Solar Panel cleaning is the only way to get maximum production from …Read More