Custom Home Window Cleaning

Custom Home Window Cleaning

Today we took care of an incredible home in Seven Hills Henderson that belonged to Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson!

The owner knew it would take special window cleaning techniques and equipment to clean areas of this home. The custom windows on the home were over 10 foot tall panes of glass. The windows above the front door had to be done with a 25 ft carbon fiber pole. The home is now for rent and going for $12k a month.

It took a team of 3 window cleaners 4 hours to complete this window cleaning in Seven Hills. As you see in the pictures, the home has a green landscape which is showcased by the large glass panes. This home is scheduled for a 6 month follow up for the new tenants. We look forward to maintaining the windows for their lifetime.



Custom Home Window Washing

When it comes to custom homes you can not afford people to scratch your windows with scrappers. Most window cleaners use dish soap as their solution, this makes the house smell like a dishwasher… We do not… We use an eco-friendly product, with no smell and no paint damage to your window frames.

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Most homes over 6,000 sq ft require a team of 3 window cleaners for the job to get done efficiently. Each window is double checked to ensure a streak-free shine.

Thank you for seeing this unique home we recently cleaned the windows at. Please be on the lookout for more blog posts from our team.

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