Large Commercial Window Cleaning

Large Commercial Window Cleaning

There are new commercial complex’s being built all over the valley. We are certified with a variety of lifts to clean windows at large commercial buildings. Safety for the crew and property is a constant focus when window cleaning at commercial properties.

Many window cleaners cut corners and even skip windows when doing commercial window cleaning. We guarentee a high attention to detail with the best window cleaning possible. A safety plan is reviewed every time we load onto any lift. Along with a harness, lanyard, helmet, eye protection, on ground spotter and his vis gear we follow strict protocols.

We have access to a variety of lifts to get to all the hard to reach areas. The team is trained on all of the machines we work with. In the past, we have brought in small lifts to clean high chandeliers over 30 ft tall.

We are fully insured with Workman’s comp, we often work with General Contractors that require us to have everything up-to-date and accurate.

Las Vegas is growing quickly both in residential and commercial properties, along with that growth comes lots of new windows. We appreciate any conversation about becoming your new window cleaners!

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