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Window Tint Install


The Desert Heat enters you home through the windows. The glass allows the UV Rays into your home. The UV Rays fade the art, furniture, and flooring they shine upon.

All windows have an “Air Leak” rating. The air leak rating decreases over time. This is caused by the seals and gaskets becoming dry over the years of desert exposure. The frame of the window is another source of air leaks.

There is a way to help control the heat coming in through your windows. Many cars benefit from window tint. This same benefit can be created inside of your home. Window Film comes in a variety of options to aesthetically please any home style.

Pictured below is a luxury piano which we protected the sun fading. The window film created a more comfortable experience by controlling the sun.


As professional window cleaners we see homes that have Window Film installed. We are familiar with all the film brands, the installers, and the warranties offered. With this understanding of quality, we decided to partner with Llumar Window Films.

Llumars film comes with high quality clarity through the window and all film we install comes with a lifetime warranty from Llumar! The film will not peel in the corners, it will not discolor overtime.

Call or Text @ 702-461-5445 to see samples and have measurements taken at your home for an estimate. We follow Covid Protocols at all times inside your home.

(Window Film is installed on the interior of the window)

An added benefit to window film is day time privacy. LLumar has film options that create day time privacy.