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Window Tint Install


The Desert Heat enters you home through the windows. The primary cause of heat coming into the home is from the glass surface area. When the sun hits the glass, it brings in UV Rays & Heat. A perfect solution to reduce the heat is installing window film onto the glass.

Many cars benefit from window tint, this same benefit can be created inside of your home. Window Film comes in a variety of options to aesthetically please any home style. We install LLumar Window Film which has been in business over 30 years, made in the U.S.A., & comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another benefit of heat rejection window film is protection from fading furniture & art. Pictured below is a luxury piano which we protected from sun fading. Window film creates a more comfortable experience by controlling the sun.


An added benefit to some window films is day time privacy. LLumar has film options that create day time privacy along with heat control.

As professional window cleaners we service many homes daily. We are familiar with all film brands, the installers, and the warranties offered. With this understanding of quality, we decided to partner with Llumar Window Films.

Security Window Film


Glass is easy to break. Above is a picture of our customers home, they experienced an attempted break in. The burglar used a spark plug to shatter the glass panes, the interior pane is protected with Llumar Security Film & held together. The burglar moved on & did not try to fight through the film.

Security Film is becoming widely popular due to the number of burglaries that occur in Las Vegas every day. This is an exciting product that requires advanced window film installation that we are certified to do.

To learn how much window film will cost for your windows call 702-461-5445 . We can bring some samples by for a quick estimate.