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Window Paint Removal

The holiday season has come to an end but your windows still have holiday paint.. In some locations the window cleaners are not scheduled to come out until the end of the month. During the month of January we offer expedited services for window paint removal.

The appearance of your business is important, with old paint on your windows customers will take notice. Most holiday window painters do not offer clean up when the New Year starts. It can be a time consuming and messy job if not done right. The window cleaners and Blue Truck Window Cleaning know the best way to remove holiday paint from windows without leaving a scratch. From ice cream shops to hair salons we are equipped to remove a lot of holiday paint from your windows.

It is not uncommon for home owners to have their front windows painted for the holidays. Residential paint removal is also offered as an expedited service. Graffiti window removal is a specialty of ours. The technique that we use for holiday paint removal differs from graffiti removal. Unlike spray cans that create graffiti the holiday paint is water based and easy to remove with the proper tools.

For the best results it is best to contact a professional window cleaner in Las Vegas. Blue Truck Window Cleaning completes the job efficiently every time. Business operations are not interrupted when we are cleaning your business windows.

Below are images of a recent window paint removal we completed for All Star Dry Cleaners. The customer service at this business is top notch, this is one of our favorite locations to clean windows on a monthly basis. We appreciate your business and are looking forward to your beautiful Spring season paint.

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