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Window Cleaning Las Vegas | Summerlin Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Las VegasĀ 

Blue Truck Window Cleaning is a top rated Window Cleaning Las Vegas company.

Blue Truck Window Cleaning is equipped with a variety of ladders to safely reach any window at your home or commercial building. Cleaning windows is dangerous work, we urge you to hire professionals like us for Window Cleaning Las Vegas.

We use filtered water with no chemical in our spray bottles. Some window cleaners use dish soap to clean windows! Dish soap leaves behind residue and a greasy gloss that attracts dust easier. If you prefer a company with experience call us now at 702-461-5445 to see how much it would cost for your windows to be cleaned.

Blue Truck Window Cleaning is committed to the best work possible, word of mouth is our leading source of business. As long time Las Vegas residents we love to take care of homeowners in the valley. Reputation is important and we won’t let you down. We take the extra steps to deliver 5 star service.

Each home is unique, once we arrive to your residence we plan the most efficient way to clean your windows. If your windows have years of dust build up we will clean the same window 3-4 times to make sure every piece of debris is removed. We hope you get in touch to see how much a Window Cleaning Las Vegas would cost. This easy form will get you started.