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Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas


Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas

The amount of power that a panel will produce is directly related to the intensity of sunlight that reaches the panels internal crystals. A dirty solar panel will block some of the sun light which will not reach the crystals. Dirty solar panels can result in lower power generation from the sun. A layer of dust or road grime will also reduce power. If dust, pollen and debris are covering the solar panel it can reduce power up to 40%. The only regular maintenance required for a solar system is cleaning every few years. This will assure optimum electrical production from your solar panels. Below is an image of a clean panel with dirty ones around.


Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

The question is common, does my solar system need to be cleaned? The answer is yes! If you have invested in solar power or installed a leased system you are saving money and our environment. Call today for a free estimate to have your solar panels cleaned 702-461-5445

ridges-solar-panel-cleaningWe are the go to company for Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas. If solar systems are cleaned without the proper equipment it can result in damage, please consult with professionals to clean your solar sytem.


Thank You For Going Solar!

In the Las Vegas valley, we experience dusty conditions with minimal rain. From residential to commercial we are equipped to professionally and safely clean any solar array. With years of experience in the solar industry, we are proud to be a green company. All of our liquid solutions for window cleaning and solar panel cleaning are Earth friendly products that are not harmful to your family, pets, or garden. Being green also means we use minimal water during Solar Panel Cleaning.

Our experienced team cleans solar panels with de-ionized water that is fed through specialized water fed poles. The brushes we use are designed for solar and will not scratch your panels.

For more information about Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas and other services, contact us at 702-461-5445 or e-mail [email protected]