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Security Window Film

Security Window Film

The windows on your home are the weakest point, the glass slider can be shattered with a rock throw. The 8 mil thick window film we offer will make your glass the strongest part of the home. Please see the video below of the brand we carry being tested. Call today for an estimate – 702-461-5445

Security Film is becoming widely popular due to the amount of burglaries that occur in Las Vegas every week. If someone was to smash through your slider they would not be able to get through the security film. This is an exciting product that requires advanced window film installation that we are certified to do. Below is a picture of a customers home. Someone tried to break in through the back door but luckily they had security film installed and the intruder did not make it inside.


Solar Window Film

There are ways to improve the home to make it more energy efficient. Having solar window film installed can make a great difference.



There are a few options which you can select from.

The windows pictured below are extremely efficient because of  window film. They have a mirror finish and makes a big different on the temperature of the building, which creates power bill savings. This is Solar Window Film that causes heat rejection.


We clean windows for thousands of home owners. We have seen bad tint jobs and good tint jobs. All of the film we carry comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that 20 years from now your windows will still look great. Thank you for your interest in our window film services, call Nick today for a free consultation to explore window film to protect your home and save on your power bill. 702-461-5445