Window Tracks and Sills Cleaning

When cleaning windows you might miss out some parts like window tracks and sills, here in the desert this area builds up with dirt and bugs.

One of Blue Truck Window Cleanings service standards is to have sills and tracks cleaned. There is window part of the window that we can not clean. With our proven techniques we make sure you windows are left with a streak free shine. A Dyson Hand Vacuum picks up all the grit without making a mess. The window cleaning solution we use is 100% Eco Friendly, no harsh chemicals will be used on your home when Blue Truck Window Cleaning takes care of your windows.

Being a Home Owner you manage monthly, quarterly, and yearly home maintenance tasks. From landscaping to window washing it is best to hire professionals here in Las Vegas. To do your own window tracks and sills cleaning it can be an all day project without professional tools. To get a window cleaning estimate that includes sills and tracks call us at 702-461-5445 or fill out this quick form.

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