Dirty Solar Panels

Let’s review dirty Solar Panels. The questions are common. Does my Solar System need to be cleaned? Without a doubt, the answer is yes! We are the go to cleaning company for Dusty Solar Panels. Keeping your Solar System clean is important for 2 reasons. The first is production, when there is a layer of dust atop of the Solar Panel cleaning is the only way to get maximum production from your System. The second reason is that Home Owners Associations and neighbours do not like to see a dirty solar system, be proud to be green.

In the Las Vegas valley we get a strong combination of dirt and wind, this leads to dusting the house every few days. Rainfall is the best way to clean your solar system. In Nevada we do not get much rain, therefore, we are responsible for Solar System maintenance in Las Vegas. This can be a dangerous duty, please leave it to professionals. Nevada Solar Clean has a mission to give you a strong producing, clean Solar System. While we carry out the mission every day we always secure anchor our Solar Team into your roof safely. This does require penetrating the roof which we will warranty.

Nevada Solar Clean is the premier cleaning company for Dirty Solar Panels. Don’t be dusty ( unless you are at Burning Man ) As the owner of a Solar System you should be proud of your step into the future. Represent it well with a clean solar system that is producing at max capacity. We look forward to keeping you updated with Solar news from around the world. Please follow us on Instagram @TheRiseOfSolar always keep in mind our referral system, for every friend you refer to us is half off of your solar system detailing. You know who to call when you have Dirty Solar Panels.

We make them shine! Call 702-461-5445 for a free quote today.