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Chandelier Cleaning Las Vegas

Chandelier Cleaning Las Vegas

Cleaning a chandelier requires highly professional training and safe equipment. Some chandeliers come with an electric lowering system to allow for ground level cleaning. Most chandeliers do not have this feature and require safe equipment to reach the high chandelier. If needed, we can bring in scaffolding to create a safe platform to work on while taking care of the chandelier.



Best Chandelier Cleaners

The cleaning solution we use for Chandelier Cleaning Las Vegas is an industry standard cleaner that creates a long lasting shine without streaks. Each chandelier cleaning is unique and requires a proper plan to cleaning it. When a chandelier is dirty it effects the way the light shines, this creates a dull looking chandelier. The purpose of a chandelier is to capture the eye and illuminate the room with a crystal clear shine. The before and after results are incredible. For Chandelier Cleaning Las Vegas we are the best company. Contact Nick for a free quote now 702-461-5445.


Casino Chandelier Cleaning

Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful chandeliers in the world. We are insured up to $2 million. If the chandiler you need cleaned is valued more than this, we will not be able to clean it. Every few years a chandelier should be cleaned to ensure that their investment does not look dusty. We offer specialized chandelier cleaning for casino properties. Scaffolding with an on ground safety person is ensured with every cleaning. Thank you for reading up on our chandelier cleaning services, we hope to take care of your chandeliers when the time comes for a cleaning. The estimate process is easy, the number to call is 702-461-5445


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