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Rhodes Ranch Window Cleaning

Rhodes Ranch Window Cleaning

One of the best communities in Las Vegas is Rhodes Ranch. The amenities, security, and location are the best. Residents in Rhodes Ranch  prefer Blue Truck Window Cleaning for their window cleaning services. Rhodes Ranch has a variety of home sizes from 1,100 sq ft all the way up to 5,400 sq ft. Having the windows make a big difference inside of your home. The interior glass holds dust, germs, and allergens. It is best to have the windows professionally cleaned not only to see clearly but also for home quality.


Professional Equipment

We are equipped with the best ladders. Employees are trained 100% on all of the latest safety standards. No razors are used when we clean your windows, so you can trust the windows are in good hands. The window cleaning solution we use is Eco-Friendly and mixes with distilled water. This solution creates a long lasting clean. No dish soap will be used on your windows. To see how much your windows will cost please call 702-461-5445


See what the neighbors are saying

It is important to know what customers are saying before you hire a company to work at your home. You can visit the Blue Truck Window Cleaning Yelp page to see what your neighbors are saying about our Rhodes Ranch Window Cleaning service.

We can offer an over the phone estimate based on a few questions such as the home square footage, is it a 1 or 2 story home, and do you have solar screens or regular screens. Call Nick, the owner for an estimate 702-461-5445

To learn more about the services offered please visit – bluetruckwindowcleaning.com/window-cleaning-las-vegas